brison's world

i blog about fashion, food, poetry, journalism, history and entertainment because that's all i find interest in and that's all that finds interest in me.
i see life as an art line…. the art of cooking, the art of dressing, even the art of thinking. it’s beautiful how our world can become a canvas and we are allowed to paint the perfect picture for our life and the path we wish to walk.


why do we discriminate?
why do we hate?
the color of our skin?
what difference does it make?
will i ever understand,
the reason for hating another man?
another man of a different color,
another man of a different race?
how dare you!?
how dare you find shame in another man’s race?
we are all colors of the world,
we must embrace our naturalism.
we are all one people.
one people of different cultures, dances, food, clothing, heritage, past, present but let our future be embedded with love and unity. to all the beautiful colors of the world.

i breathe poetry
i live for fashion
i dream dishes
and the history of man.
i sit and wander back to those mighty days, those memories we gained from our experiences together. the things we did and the things we’d say. i miss those days. it was everlasting happiness i truly thought, but as soon as something changed all came crashing in the dark. now i sit with anger and frustration, waiting for there to be a relapse. wishing things could go back to the golden days when you were selfish and i was fine. and all our emotions would inter-twine.

forever in your arms

forever in your heart

forever yours

and never apart

being in a world where no one understands you is harder than being in a world where you dont understand.